Mobile App Development

With 50% of online users now using their smartphones for their activities on the internet, and with mobile penetration as it is globally, demand for mobile apps by users has soared and can no longer be ignored. From building mobile apps as the core business, or building a marketing campaign on mobile, we can cater for the needs of clients.

React Native
Go for React Native development to get clean and fast apps that run on JavaScript and feel at home on both platforms. As true JS geeks, we really got to the bottom of this amazing framework.
We’ll help you decide
Making a well-weighted decision gets easier with experts on board your team. Nova Minds will guide to the most feasible option, considering your goals, time and resources at hand. Be it native or cross-platform, we’ll make sure your app takes the most of what iOS and Android have to offer. We can easily jump in at every stage of your project as a part of your on-site team or independently. Get started with your killer app now!
Android and iOS
Our mobile design techniques have adapted quickly including following iOS7 design guidelines to the letter for iOS platforms with recent mobile applications to ensure user experience is at the bleeding edge of usability. We love Android and we love iOS and we ensure the experience is customised based on the latest trend on each platform. We develop our mobile applications for our clients natively, which means there is no risk of features not being supported by the device or framework - we build apps for Android and iOS on both smartphones and tablets. From online stores, election apps, chat applications, radio applications, social networks and an ever expanding set of features requested by our cleint - we continue to expand the types of mobile apps we deliver.
What do you search about ?
We know the local and global needs and create a concrete solution that fits best with the what client has in his mind. A wireframe by our designer helps the client to satisfactorily move ahead with the development. If you are a non-IT person and don’t possess the technical knowledge, we give you a tour of the entire process and a rough module of the final output through the wireframe. Our company involves the client in each phase whether it is designing or development. The next phase is bug fixing and quality assurance which assures you of the glitch-free solution. Also, we relinquish our clients with the post-deployment support and maintenance service for their satisfaction.