Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that help companies grow their business. Over 2 million people use Odoo to grow their sales, run their operations, organize marketing activities, boost productivity and empower their human resources. Odoo provides complete software solution for every level of your business. It’s a set of integrated business apps like CRM, POS, website builder, eCommerce, sales, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, HR, project management, marketing tools and more.

Odoo implementation without proper guidance may lead back to square one.
Odoo is such a vast ERP system that sometimes it is better to gain complete information about its functions & technical structure before deciding its implementation in your business. Without proper guidance Odoo activation leads back to square one and cost of your precious time and money. So, it will be a wise decision to have a good Odoo advisor before implementing better access. With your well-wisher of our Odoo experts, you are careful with your business.
A badly configured system will lead to unexpected behaviour of the application.
One major step in dealing with any software system construction is to know the configuration about it. This application enables the user to identify the various areas of construction. Odoo is a complete corporate cover-up operation that is required for the various sectors relevant to the sufficient key functions. experts, you are careful with your business.
Our experts can install & setup Odoo on any cloud servers or at local side on your premises.
Odoo is available in different versions and is equipped with v5.0 to v11.0 enterprise that can smoothly be setup with Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, CentOS, etc. We have experience to install Odoo on cloud servers like Amazon, Raskspace, MyHosting, Digitalocen etc. Also, a perfect installation of Odoo needs the proper configuration of automatic Odoo startup script and the PostgreSQL database record with the exact configuration, and we are proficient enough to do it.
By extending Odoo’s modular approach,our technical team will assist you to achieve your all needs.
Customization can be referred as providing that personalized experience in an application as per the specification of clients. The package provides a fully functional to meet the needs of the exact Odoo enterprise edition, but also by customers who requires some additional customization.
Well trained employees are more apt to solve issues quickly, without disrupting the rest of the workplace
As Odoo is big system that end-user doesn’t know sometimes where to go and what to configure to get desired result. Increased knowledge and improved Odoo usability eases employee frustration, when Odoo system does not behave as expected. Well qualified staff will save time and money effectively, without disrupting the rest of the workplace as soon as the issues are more apt. So Odoo training for end users and administrators are the most important part of the successful implementation of ERP.
Always beside you as a helping hand to handle all the hazy situations
We know that customer retention is not something that occurs frequently by accident. In some cases, community groups or small errors due to Odoo will cause the end-users to fall. In that kind of hazy situation, where an end user tries to find supporting hand, which helps them to resist and come out of that. Our technical support staff can solve their problem on the spot and try to give them impetus. After Odoo deployment, the cycle doesn’t end. Sometimes end-user seeks frequent improvements in ERP system to get more effective results from it, than before.
Our experts will assist you to migrate your data to move into next level.
Odoo’s added features to their releases of new versions will also help to overcome at time to time. This creates a gap for user between two channels of Odoo. At Nova minds, as a part of Odoo service, our experts with their experience, provides the bridge to our customers to help them and migrate their data to move into the next level.